Is THE EVIL DEAD the best Horror film out there?

Yes, it is.


Why JAWS is the greatest film of all time

Dan Cook explains how a childhood love for a certain shark called Bruce has remained his greatest film of all time.


FrightFest 2021

With a line-up this good we expect to hear from these films as the new baseline of terror and thanks to Arrow Video Frightfest, London will house a weekend of sheer terror. From what we've seen so far, these are the highlights but that's not to mention that every film selected will have it's audience. From Nicholas Cage to kinetic nightmares, demonic possessions to woodland cults, there's plenty for all to enjoy this year.


The ultimate guide to THE CABIN IN THE WOODS

The fanboys guide to all things THE CABIN IN THE WOODS including EVERY. SINGLE. MONSTER.


In defence of...

A series of articles discussing films that deserve a revisit. Hopefully this will breathe some new life into a film, or franchise, that has been left on the scrap and really needs to be appreciated through a little more context.