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2 new releases to 101 x AGFA in February (NEWS)

The 101 Films x AGFA range returns in February!

A joyous early '90s horror triumph starring John Hawkes, and a pair of DIY action movies from Uganda that will blow you away.

Welcome to Wakaliwood, Uganda: home of “DA BEST OF DA BEST MOVIES!” and the vanguards of DIY commando cinema! Two of the most reckless, out-of-control brain-blasts in the Wakaliwood canon come to home video for the first time ever in the UK -- WHO KILLED CAPTAIN ALEX and BAD BLACK!

Shot in Austin, Texas, SCARY MOVIE combines Argento-esque neon, Freddy Krueger dreamscapes, and slapstick inspired by EVIL DEAD 2 to forge a valentine to Halloween, rubber monster masks, and chopped-off limbs.

Both titles are released on 13th February and available for pre-order from the 101 Store, with FREE UK shipping:

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