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247°F (REVIEW)

Dir. Levan Bakhia and Beka Jguburia

Reviewer. Martyn Wakefield

No, this is not a cookery book for how to use a dead corpse. 247°F is a horror film that removes the monsters, the serial killer and the puzzles of horror for a simple scenario that would bring fear to us all. With more sweat pouring than David Cameron at a farm and less clothes than sheep in spring, this is LOVE ISLAND for horror fans, or is it horror for LOVE ISLAND fans?

When four friends head to a lakeside cabin the temperature gets hotter than any of them had ever planned. Upon their attendance they plan to go to a party but before they head out, they all go into the makeshift sauna and it’s from then on that the tension rises.

Jenna (Taylor-Compton) feels the history of her tragedies flashback as she was involved in the death of her then boyfriend in a car accident. Blended with this is the tortured relationship between friends Renee (Ulloa) and Michael (Michael Copon) and the loose end chasing Jenna, Ian (Travis Van Winkle). When a drunken Michael stumbles out of the sauna the temperature unexpectedly begins rising and there’s no way out.

A claustrophobic drama that is brilliantly acted by all involved that makes the tension believable and while the “based on true events” lies firmly on the bottom line, the events that ensure bring true terror that removes monsters for real-life horror. Those expecting gallons of blood and a few sharp instruments will be disappointed but if you want some original tense dramatics, this ticks all the boxes.

Also throwing in an appearance from horror favourite Tyler Mane and a far from happy ending, 247°F is a small gem that makes for a fresh new movie with originality.

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