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Dir. Trent Haaga

Reviewer. Martyn Wakefield

When a southern couple, Clip (Matthew Gray Gubler) and Liza (AnnaLynne McCord) conclude they’re down on their luck, the only reprise for a life of luxury is to steal $68k from one of her clients. Unfortunately, the weak-willed Clip has a conscience and when the raid goes awry, friction between the couple escalates and the nights events go from one lady killer to another.

Trent Haaga’s thrill-seeking road movie is an unflinching journey through the underbelly of suburban America and one that isn’t afraid to make you squirm. Violent, shocking and oh so entertaining, everything about 68 KILL is what horror fans enjoy and expect from the writer behind CHEAP THRILLS and DEADGIRL.

McCord, along with Alisha Boe and Sheila Vand make a trio of badass women of none you’d want to wrong. Where 68 KILL is most refreshing is that the violent sadists are the ladies in lead and they own the screen every second they are on it. McCord has an element of Sheri Moon Zombie’s Baby from THE DEVIL’S REJECTS series and there’s no apology needed. Her badass persona only elevates her as one of the genres biggest stars (take her career stealing roles in EXCISION or TRASH FIRE).

The film is a real triple threat. For one the story is unflinching thanks to a tight script of black humour and a great cast. Gubler’s delivery is flawless and the chemistry between him, McCord, Boe and Vand is both believable and inviting. The contrast between his meek personality and the strong female companions is mesmerising and while this may be his story, is a stronger one for the company.

NATURAL BORN KILLERS meets THE DEVIL’S REJECTS in Trent Haaga’s unrelenting tale of one man surviving in a woman’s world. With plenty of blood, guts and dark humour, 68 KILL is what the midnight hour was made for…

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