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Dir. Travis Stevens

Reviewer. Martyn Wakefield

Opening up in an auction house, events take a sinister turn as an artifact for sale garners unwanted attention.

Art aficionado Bruce (Josh Ruben) has a dark shadow over him and as he takes fellow art lover Meredith (Sarah Lind) in a romantic vacation, the supernatural burden over Bruce unleashes it's full wrath.

Lost somewhere between Edgar Wright's 60s framework from LAST NIGHT IN SOHO, the colusion of art and horror that has always been prominent in Giallo classics of the 70s and the sinister obsessions of Caroline Kepny's YOU.

Lingering shots and long pauses create a sense of unease throughout and the films prelude provides a reason to be fearful but plays out the fear of the unknown for some time. Just enough to get under your skin and falsely predict what happens next.

A WOUNDED FAWN shares some of the most horrifying imagery in recent cinematic history and the final third is a rollercoaster of trauma and madness that even Jodorowsky would consider surreal.

Following the success of GIRL ON THE THIRD FLOOR, Travis Stevens really goes full out on his horror vision and acting as producer on some of this decades best films including STARRY EYES, WE ARE STILL HERE and A HORRIBLE WAY TO DIE, it's no surprise that turning to the directors chair has proven a successful transition.

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