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Dir. Jen Soska and Sylvia Soska

Reviewer. Martyn Wakefield

The twisted minds behind the cult smash DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK have gone from cult low budget to Hollywood mainstream in one easy scoop. Capturing the imagination of none other than horror’s latest controversial director, Eli Roth.

AMERICAN MARY has the raw, talented and cringe inducing moments seen on film since Hostel and let’s get this clear from the outset, AM is not for the feint hearted.

Medical Student Mary Mason (Katharine Isabelle) ticks all the right boxes. Great attention to her work and even better looks and when money troubles cause her to lose focus at med school, she discovers the underground world of body modification. With Mary’s name growing, the work she does gets deeper and deeper, from splitting tongues and implants to turning women into dolls and demon-like figures. But things turn sinister when her Med School teachers invite her to a party only to get drugged and raped.

Tapping into her new found forte, she wreaks revenge on her teacher (David Lovgren) as we see more and more (or less and less) throughout the movie that she uses him for experiments to how far she can mod the human body.

Fantastic performances from Isabelle and Julia Maxwell as her first stalker/friend in the world of body-modding and cameos from the Twisted Twins themselves Jen and Sylvia Soska playing Bulgarian hardcore modders, The Twins, lead AMERICAN MARY into a sick and twisted saga of passion, madness and sheer violence in an illegitimate world that has part based on fact.

Building up as with Mary into this dark and sinister world and with the help of her new boss/friend/accomplice, Billy (Antonio Cupo) you see the depths that one woman will travel to seek revenge and the further she travels, the harder it becomes to escape as reality becomes a blur between madness and sanity, with even those closest to her feeling the expense of her actions.

An increased budget, more fixated story and more renowned Hollywood stars see the Twisted Twins vision is sicker, nastier and sometimes hilariously splashed on our screens to ensure that we know the new names in Twisted Terror. And with possible comic deals in the works, this may not be the end of “Bloody” Mary.

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