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Dir. Dark Libra

Reviewer. Amanda Hunt

Angelic Wolves is a short which features model turned actress Anna Crysell playing the part of Eve. Her nature loving ways takes her to explore Hillcrest Forest when she stumbles upon the guardian of the forest Johnny (Braeden Baade). He’s not your average mythical spirit guardian, he is more of a werewolf angel cross, complete with the High Street joke shop comedy werewolf mask.

Now I am entirely confused by Angelic Wolves because I love it and hate it at the same time. It is completely cheesy and verging on the ridiculous. When Johnny was sitting on a branch of a tree, and playing his panpipes, I just couldn’t contain my laughter. I hate panpipes at the best of times but I had two options, either I could laugh maniacally or launch a heavy object into my television set. There is also another moment when the wolf attacks a masked man and he pulls out his spine. It is really quite stupid.

I am guessing that the cost was kept right down because writer and director Dark Libra decided to film it on his mobile device. Yes, it has been entirely shot using an iPhone 4 and then edited using an iPhone 4s. But, if that is not enough the music was created by using Garage Band on an iPhone

So given the fact that this was how it was shot then I have to give a little kudos for it shows that any wannabe film maker can easily have the resources available. It was also nicely filmed in a noir style and cleverly edited.

I don’t think I could watch it again, I think once is enough for me as it was slightly torturous. Even though it is a mere 25 minutes, I don’t think that I would want to waste another 25 minutes of my life.

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