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Award winning short KEEP MUM makes official selection at Axwound Film Festival (NEWS)

Award winning short, KEEP MUM is in the official selection at AXWOUND FILM FESTIVAL 21, one of the 30 bloody best genre film festivals in the world! This year #AXWFF is shown virtually 10-19 Dec '21: you can access it here. Keep Mum is part of BLOCK B and it will be broadcast live on Sat 11 Dec '21 at 1.00 am GMT. At 2.00 am GMT Live Q & A with the filmmakers. After the live broadcast, you can access an on-demand until 19

Inspired by a personal tragedy and set during Christmas on the South-east coast of England, Keep Mum takes you on a 24-hour journey rooted in the secrecy of domestic violence, revealing slowly the darkness behind a happy family photo...

KEEP MUM is a British short film written and directed by Luana Di Pasquale (Lunadipas Films) co-produced by Lisa Turnbull (Reblis Films) in association with QareyFilm. It stars a real-life mother and son:Nadira and Cameron Murray. LATEST NEWS:

Synopsis: A mother wrecks her big family house. The atmosphere is eerie. Her past haunts her, throwing her into a whirlwind of emotions and psychological projections as she tries to piece together what happened to her and her child the night before. The psyche of a woman pushed beyond the limits of sanity is explored...

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