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Dir. Scott B. Hansen, Desiree Connell

Reviewer. Martyn Wakefield

BAD CANDY is an anthology of short horror tales centred around a radio station hosted by Corey Taylor. At the centre of all of the shorts is a creepy clown capturing the bad people of each story and keeping them, quite literally, as trophies.

There's not much depth to BAD CANDY but it doesn't pretend to be either and that's where the fun is held. Each story has their own gradient way of dealing with death and after a false start of fairies and goblins, really does get much better. An axe wielding domestic, a nymphomaniac nurse and predators placing razor blades in kids sweets, quite literally bad candy, there's a nice rounded collection of tales that feel more goosebumps than Stephen King but sure as hell brings the blood and guts.

The additional of horror icon Zach Gilligan is needless but certainly welcome and despite Taylor's love for horror adds little other than narration to the events meaning the segments themselves do feel a little amateur at times however let's not spoil the fun, for Halloween wouldn't be the same without a killer clown and campfire tales.

BAD CANDY is a new Halloween treat that brings little in terms of tricks but sure as hell has some memorable moments and for that, it is a must see for horror fans. It's not quite TRICK R'TREAT but it's better than most annual entries to the anthology festivities.

PS If that was an authentic copy of Amazing Spiderman 129 that was set alight, then I hope the winged demon takes off with Scott B. Hansen and Desiree Connell.

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