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Dir. Kyle Steinbach

Reviewer. Martyn Wakefield

There’s no easy way to say this but BAD EXORCISISTS is just bad… As far as parody movies go it could have been much worse but this indie movie fails to deliver on horror and gags.

When a film pitched as SUPERBAD meets THE EXORCIST there are a million and one good opportunities to be had. A trio of high school losers team up to do good and exorcise the possessed has hilarity blown all over it, unfortunately any idea of a good movie was ejected quicker than Linda Blair rejected pea soup.

The unfortunate part is that for the most part, BAD EXORCISTS tries to be funny and feels like it was written in Kyle Steinbach’s down time when his friends laughed at every tedious joke he exhaled. While there is much high school humour here and it may just be based for that audience, it doesn’t translate well to more mature viewers.

While there is potential for the film to take a life of its own, moments where exorcisms are in play are surprisingly well played, these are few and far between. Only one joe takes riff of any exorcism film that came before it and there are ever only actually two episodes of exorcism and one is never realised. The subject is rife for spoofing and the opportunity was hesitantly wasted with this college humoured movie that just plays it too safe. It’s not too bad it’s good and it’s not good, just unbelievably meh.

Neither fans of the horror genre or anyone wanting a chuckle will find anything to enjoy here and it will certainly deserve to be spoilt in holy water, never to be seen again. Fortunately, it does remind you very quickly that there are so many great horror comedy features that one will never be too consumed by the evil spirit of unsatisfactory viewing left behind by BAD EXORCISTS.

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