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BFI make horror big again with IMAX all nighter (NEWS)

For one night only, BFI IMAX will be transported to a far-away cabin in the most terrifying of woods. Pack your bags and join us at BFI very late-summer camp to gather around the fire for an all-night marathon of cabin-themed horror films. It’s an immersive sleepover, complete with harbingers of doom, oblivious counsellors, activities and games galore. There will be one or two surprises in store and prizes for those who survive…

The films include the very best the genre has to offer including FRIDAY THE 13TH, CABIN FEVER, EVIL DEAD II, CABIN IN THE WOODS and more

Doors to explore the creepy summer camp (if you are brave enough) will open at 21:00 with the first film on screen at 22:00. The screening will end at 7:00 the following morning.

Tickets: Premium £27, Standard £25, Concs £20 for all seats (Members pay £2 less) on sale Thursday 10 November 11:30.

Tickets in sale now: Click here

See the full detail behind the BFI's In Dreams Are Monsters season.

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