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Dir. Casey Tebo

Reviewer. Martyn Wakefield

In an alternative world, the events of ASH VS THE EVIL DEAD never happened and Ash Williams become general manager of K-Mart. If that multiversal version of Ash made it to film, BLACK FRIDAY would be it.

On Black Friday, a group of store employees must band together to survive a parasitic horde of monsters on the busiest shopping day of the year. DAWN OF THE DEAD meets ARMY OF DARKNESS as this comedy horror brings about blood and humour that feels like a natural fit.

With practical monster effects and a killer cast, this is no bargain bin fodder, and actually is much more enjoyable than it perhaps should be. BLACK FRIDAY is a by the numbers b-movie but one done effectively. It never outstays it's welcome and plays it safe with a relatively relatable band of heroes who take it in turns to save the day. Bruce Campbell does what he does best and Michael Jai White is wasted in a more subtle understated role than he deserves but all in all there's nothing to dislike about this lovable monster movie.

Interestingly, the only big names aren't left to the cast as Fall Out Boy's Patrick Stump takes over composing duty and gives an effective heartbeat to proceedings. Alas his work with THE BANANA SPLITS MOVIE, it too plays safe however it's worth noting that horror needs two things to run smoothly, good sound and good lighting. BLACK FRIDAY has both.

Casey Tebo creates a fresh take on the holiday season with mutated monsters being dispatched by any means feasible in a toy store. Often to satisfyingly humorous effect but never outlandishly breaking from the context that this is never more than a late night horror movie and no more than decent popcorn fodder.

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