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Dir. Marvin Kren

Reviewer. Martyn Wakefield

Set amongst the German Alps, a blood concealing glacier towers over the rocky climate. When a group of scientists discover its unnatural placing they uncover what lies beneath the ice.

When the glacier melts, the blood transforms the local wildlife into wild hybrids through the food chain. Insects become birds, beetles become dogs and when the blood of a dog bonds with a human, the closing scenes can be seen as somewhat traumatic.

Mix with this a band of people who don’t get along and company to the Station from Janek’s (Gerhard Liebmann) ex Tanja (Edita Malovic) accompanied by a visit by the darkly humoured Minister (Brigitte Kren) only add to the tense thrills that ensue.

OK, so the plot may be heavily influences by THE THING and the band of scientists in the ice has all been done before but where BLOOD GLACIER really stands out is its penchant for not taking itself too seriously.

Mixed between the dark humour of DEAD SNOW and the thrills of THE THING is possibly the only way to put BLOOD GLACIER into words. From the superb creature design to the one liners this has everything you could ask from a B-movie. Even in the soundtrack there are hidden the riffs of 80’s low budget classics that fit the film brilliantly.

As a special feature to the DVD release is an extensive look at the creature design that really shows justice to what is seen on screen. It’s not until you see what each creature is that you can truly appreciate the thought and effort that has gone into creating these beasts. This is quite possibly the best creature design since last years FRANKENSTEIN'S ARMY.

Liebmann steals the show with a the rugged fisherman that’s more Zach Galifianakis than Kurt Russell but this loveable hero is the guy we can all relate to and as he clasps on to Tanja, the somewhat bizarre ending and silence speaks volumes for the closure with Janek’s confusion and Tanja’s sense of enlightenment, testament to their terrific performances in what is bound to be a classic along with DEAD SNOW.

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