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Dir. Ed Wood Jr.

Reviewer. Dan Cook

One of the defining disasterpieces from Edward D. Wood Jr., BRIDE OF THE MONSTER is an undoubtedly silly yet undeniably entertaining slice of sci-fi nonsense that sees the infamously incompetent director at the height of his not so considerable powers.

Starring horror icon Bela Lugosi in his final speaking role as a vengeful scientist who is using atomic energy to create a race of super-people with which to conquer the world, BRIDE OF THE MONSTER has all of the over the top performances, ludicrous dialogue and overuse of mismatched stock footage that one would expect from a typical Ed Wood production.

Many consider it to be one of the worst movies ever made but it is far too innocent, far too sincere and far too enjoyable to be considered as such. Instead, it is simply another misguided gem from a director who, by hook or by crook, persevered in making some of the oddest, strangest and downright most bonkers films ever produced. Plus, it has the once great Lugosi unconvincingly fighting a giant rubber octopus - what’s not to love?

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