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British found footage horror film OUTLAST release news & sequel development from Venom Media (NEWS)

Found footage lives on as exciting independent British horror film OUTLAST hits rental.

A Coatbridge filmmaker braved one of Scotland's most haunted locations to shoot his heart-pounding new horror flick, Excited to capture evidence of the afterlife, they quickly realized that the castle is even more active than anticipated. As the night wears on and the paranormal activity intensifies, the group must use all of their knowledge and skill to outlast the supernatural forces and uncover the castle's dark history in order to escape with their lives. Richi and his cast endured a frightening shoot for the film as they spent the night in Closeburn Castle in Thornhill - on Halloween. Excited to capture evidence of the afterlife, they quickly realize that the castle is even more active than anticipated.

As the night progressed and the supernatural activity intensified, the group's nerves were stretched to breaking point. Shadows flickered across the walls, and strange noises echoed through the castle's dimly lit hallways. The crew's equipment malfunctioned repeatedly, making it difficult to capture the ghostly apparitions that seemed to be lurking around every corner, To make matters worse, it soon became clear that the castle had a malevolent presence, one that was intent on keeping the group trapped inside.

Doors slammed shut of their own accord, and the temperature plummeted, causing the cast and crew to shiver uncontrollably, As the hours ticked by, it became apparent that the group would have to use all their wits and cunning to escape the clutches of the castle's malevolent spirit. With tensions running high and nerves frayed to breaking point, the filmmakers were forced to confront their deepest fears as they fought for survival. Despite the challenges, the group managed to capture some of the most chilling and heart-stopping footage ever seen in a horror movie.

But for Richi Booth and his team, the experience was about much more than just making a great film. It was a harrowing lesson in the perils of independent filmmaking and a reminder of the need for greater support for artists and creatives, Now, as "Outlast 2" makes its way into production, Richi and his team are on a mission to find new talent and bring fresh voices into the film industry.

With their own brush with the supernatural behind them, they are determined to use their experience to inspire the next generation of filmmakers, actors, and producers, and to help make Scotland's film industry a force to be reckoned with. now that the film “Outlast” is released, Richi Booth wants to add that he has come to the realization that becoming an independent filmmaker in Scotland is a very tough challenge. He believes the sector needs more support to thrive, and he will continue to support and bring new up-and-coming actors, as he approaches bringing Outlast 2 to strive for the big screens, the cinemas.

OUTLAST is available to rent and buy now through Vimeo:

The venom media team wants to share the struggles of being independent filmmakers, producers, and actors.

At Venom Media, we are committed to creating high-quality, engaging content and we believe that OUTLAST will be a hit with audiences. As an independent production company, we are excited about the opportunity and would love your platform to bring our film to a wider audience.

As filming has now wrapped on the first installment, Venom Media are looking to call out and ask anyone interested in sequel positions, currently looking for talented individuals, scriptwriters, directors, and anyone who is interested in getting an appearance and a step into the film industry. If you are interested send your previous work or interest to email

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Outlast | Official Trailer | Venom Media

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