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Reviewer. Martyn Wakefield

Boobs, blood and bad CGI, everything that makes a B-Movie horror all present and correct here in BUS PARTY TO HELL. From the outset, it's obvious there is nothing serious about this Tara Reid starring vehicle and as the film digresses to semi pornographic material, it quickly becomes obvious that the rest of the film will not be much better.

When a sex bus gets stranded in the middle of the Nevada dessert, the true notions of its destination become apparent when the driver leads them right to the middle of a satanic worshipping cult. The group of horny passengers must break with their inhibitions to survive the night as the cult tear through the bus, flesh through flesh.

This will have zero appeal to mainstream horror afficionados but for hardened fans it may have some entertaining value. Some dog awful CGI is slightly masked by plenty of prosthetic blood but there is no masking the diabolical dialogue and pornographic nature of the films sheer excuse to show breast and bare naked bodies that it becomes so distracting from the films horror routes. Where STRIPPERS VS WEREWOLVES and ZOMBIES, ZOMBIES, ZOMBIES played to the b-movie humour of semi porno horror, BUS PARTY TO HELL adds to the genre that feels too wrong to share a screening with your friends and one that's left until late, late at night in private.

A turn from Tara Reid adds to the b-movie nature of this low budget flick but even that can't raise the film to SHARKNADO standards. For those wanting a movie that shows blood, guts and boobs, this one will tick a few boxes but for those wanting a half decent horror film need look elsewhere.

BUS PARTY TO HELL could have been brilliant but then it could have been a lot worse. If Roger Corman made a 2018 sleazy horror film, this would be it! Like many 60's and 70's b-movies, it has its charm in its efforts to make an entertaining film and while sometimes you're watching in awe at how terrible the effects are, the willingness to try sure as hell makes up for it. It won't win any awards but there are worse ways to kill 70 minutes (the rest of the film is behind the scenes footage and credits).

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