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Dir. Bradley Parker

Reviewer. Martyn Wakefield

Everybody knows of the disaster that was Chernobyl, and if you don’t then go and search it out now. The nuclear disaster that not only ended many lives but turned the genetics of every living thing into genetic deformities. So, it was only a matter of time before a film cashed in on that, 25 years in fact.

When a group of young adults go on a European tour, they come across an extreme tour guide who will take them to the most hard-core of resorts, and even to the site of Chernobyl. Taking up on the opportunity the group and two other backpackers get in the van and head on down. After a slow moving guide through the haunting vacant town that was evacuated after the accident, it’s only a matter of time before one by one the locals get their food.

What sets out to be 2012’s THE HILLS HAVE EYES is so tame it rarely manages to raise a fear and while some of the early scenes use tension and good timing to bring a few jump-out-your-seat moments, all the tension is a little overwhelmed by “people” in shadows and a lot of running away. For films such as THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT and QUARANTINE this works well, but when you have no idea what these people are running away from (Dogs, Survivors of the disaster, Giants?) the film just manages to fizzle out. With so much content and so many areas this film could have explored using Chernobyl as its backdrop, the best this film can offer is a few crazy doctors doing experiments on the locals.

Gore is left to cuts and scratches with a few sights of the children of Chernobyl as freaky as this film gets. We can’t fault the acting but the pace, and results seem too much of a let-down and would rather watch the remakes to THE HILLS HAVE EYES then have to watch this again. Boring and generic, if you want to see real horror, the original Chernobyl incident is a million times more horrifying. Whatever you do, keep this free from your diary.

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