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Dir. Christopher Ray

Reviewer. Martyn Wakefield

SAW meets THE DEVIL’S REJECTS in CIRCUS KANE. The mythos of a famed murder resurfaces when a group of contestants are welcomed to take part in a game of which there is a grand prize that will set them up for life. What the group of players don’t realise is that for them to win, they will have to survive. CIRCUS KANE is everything a horror B-Movie should be and where the genre has taken itself far too seriously of late, KANE brings back some fun to proceedings. At its core, this is a slasher movie but one masked with ingenious death traps and a new face to the serial killer marque, Balthazar Kane. It’s no wonder that this has all the workings of an enjoyable slasher when James Cullen Bressack and Zack Ward’s names are attached as writers and while some of the characters may be somewhat annoying, their deaths become even more rewarding and while this is a fairly light screenplay compared to some of the genres deeper offerings (see THE MUMMY, RINGS or any other entry in 2017) there’s plenty of bloodshed on offer to satisfy even the most thirsty of vampire.

As the group of horror fans, bloggers and media moguls traverse the traps, the carnies never let them take an easy ride and as they traverse deeper into the house, the violence and death increase in an entertaining yet no less gruesome rate. Beyond a collective cast, the real stars of CIRCUS KANE are the masked killers and traps hidden in each of the rooms. No sooner have the contestants saved themselves from unspeakable horrors, are they introduced to something more deadly. Often being the face of a merciless clown! CIRCUS KANE prides itself on the slaughter and delivers, as far as B-Movies go then you could do a lot worse and while there’s no A-Star cast, the performances here prove that there is still fresh blood in Hollywood and we hope to see more of Balthazar Kane and his bringer of death pretty soon.

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