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previously titled THE ABANDONED

Dir. Eytan Rockaway

Reviewer. Martyn Wakefield

Set amidst an abandoned museum like apartment block, Streak (Louisa Krause) takes a job as a security guard during the graveyard shift in a last ditch attempt to get her life back on track. Partnered with veteran Cooper (Jason Patric, THE LOST BOYS), the pair soon learn that what lies beneath the building is a sinister history that is much closer to home.

Between the grand structure of the building and ever present tension, CONFINED (previously THE ABANDONED) is a ghost story at heart and with two brilliant central performances from Patric and Krause, delivers a chilling story that will keep you hidden behind the sofa.

Scattering plot points that could lead to any eventual conclusion, for much of the film the mystery of the unfolding events are unanswered and fortunately so. Whether it be the uncertainty of Patric’s motives or the mental state of Krause, there is never a clear vindication of what will be revealed.

Amidst the terror, there are moments of beauty that are captured brilliantly by cinematographer Zack Galler, whether it be the dull colourisation of the building or the underwater climax that adds a small moment of tranquillity to the chilling tale. But as the final moments unravel, the movie takes a twist that feels more of a let down than a satisfying conclusion. In trying to be different to other haunted house films, there’s a turn that make the events seem extremely redundant as underneath the spooks and scares is a story of a woman understanding herself.

Which really is a shame as for 95% of the movie, CONFINED manages to crank up the tension and creeps right under the skin as the apparitions of the residents begin to manifest. Luckily, this doesn’t make the film any less chilling but shows the potential that this could have been an above average scare fest.

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