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Dir. Peter Wellington

Reviewer. Amanda Hunt

Let me set the scene: Loveable Todd (Tyler Labine) has booked a romantic getaway where he plans to propose to his intended Cammie (Malin Akerman). So what could possibly go wrong? Well, a lot can go wrong. Especially for Todd because his intolerable brother Salinger (Dan Petronijevic) turns up out of the blue with his crazy ass girlfriend Masha (Lucy Punch) and ruins everything.

But have no fear; Todd soon sorts it out with a brilliant accidental swing of an axe to his brothers’ neck. But then it all goes down hill from there. Well, as far as Todd is concerned because Cammie will definitely not let anything come in-between her and her happiness – not even murder. However, for the rest of us, prepare to put on a firm pair of hiking boots because you’re about to embark on a stroll through some dark humour, fun death scenes and maybe a happy ending.

Cottage Country is a very watchable film. It brings some twisted, childish words of wit in the form of Sal, whose turn of phrases should make the most sombre of us smile. It brings amusement to the death of characters and a story that follows the path of the unexpected.

But just because director Peter Wellington has cast Labine once again swinging his axe in the country, it doesn’t mean that it’s another Tucker and Dale vs Evil. Although, Cottage Country does come with a few complimentary similarities.

The location is gorgeous, the gory scenes are pretty awesome and the casting is quite perfect. It also has a great crescendo, which leads onto an interesting ending. Definitely watch this if you want to inject some fun into your life.

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