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Dir. Oklahoma Ward

Reviewer. Amanda Hunt

A deadly virus has ravaged planet Earth. The world is uninhabitable. The chances of repopulation lie in the balance of delivering the only fertile woman left alive (Torey Byrne) to Earth 2. An elite security team led by the hot tough bitch ‘Tank’ (Nicole Alonso) accepts the mission to protect and to deliver the ‘package’.

Crawl or Die follows the team through a claustrophobic underground network of tunnels, which become progressively smaller. However, not is all as it seems for a creature that is hell bent on picking them off one by one is hunting them.

The film, which describes itself as a Horror/Sci-Fi/Thriller was both written and directed by Oklahoma Ward. His love of old school SFX is clearly visible on the effort he has made with his “No CGI” rule. This won me over being a fan of prosthetics.

The idea of crawling through tight spaces with a constant impending threat sounds like a good idea in theory. However, the viewer may become lost in the monotony of the surroundings. It is possible to take a ‘comfort break’ with a newspaper; return some 10 minutes later and the scene would look exactly as you last left it.

The dialogue was indecipherable in most parts due to the post production noise pollution. By that I mean the words were drowned out by the added background noise. It was far too loud and non complimentary.

It was difficult to develop a relationship with the characters, as the script did not lend itself to developing each one. However, for a lover of strong female leads Tank did grab my attention, not because of the long boots and skimpies but because she was an interesting character and one that could be explored further.

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