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Dir. Don Mancini

Reviewer. Martyn Wakefield

From its opening scenes, one thing is apparent with CURSE OF CHUCKY. This is a horror film. The damp atmosphere, the loose family and a disabled heroine in Nica (Fiona Douriff) all together and at war with each other for the inheritance of their Addams Family inspired home. All is as well as a family squabbling over finances can be until one day a parcel arrives.

Rest assured what lies in the box has more than stripy socks as everyone’s favourite plastic doll arrives to wreak more havoc in his first feature in 9 years. Stripped, but not removed, of the comedy that has plagued the latter entries in the franchise, in replace of a darker story that sees Charles Ray exact revenge on someone who crossed him in a time before he was immortalised in plastic.

Real life daughter Fiona Douriff shows she is more than her father’s tutor as she holds her own amidst the madness that entails over the film.

CURSE OF CHUCKY has a curse of its own. With its predecessors holding such popularity of their own (even Bride has its golden moments) playing the serious card doesn’t play too well. While we sit and wait for Chucky (Brad Douriff) to spit out some obscenities we have to watch a slasher that nobody expected, or possibly even wanted.

Luckily Don Manchini is still on board and behind the camera and with his faithful magic manages to travel full circle in what should be a generic slasher flick with a puppet. Brad Douriff is on top form when he finally gets to speak and the latter half of the film becomes and transcends into the best Chucky film since CHILD'S PLAY. When he promised to be our friend for life, he certainly meant it.

Dusting off some of the cobwebs gained by the average SEED OF CHUCKY, CURSE... manages to be a descent entry point to anyone who hasn’t seen the films and holds enough nostalgia and references to keep hardened franchisers coming back to this and reviving their faith in the franchise.

It’s no spoiler to say this is open for a sequel and we just hope it doesn’t take so long this time and a little treat in the closing segments keeps the series grounded so in the words of the ginger one himself, “it’s time to play!”

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