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previously titled THE GATEWAY

Dir. Jaron Henrie-McCrea

Reviewer. Martyn Wakefield

CURTAIN feels like a blend of THE EVIL DEAD with BRAIN DAMAGE and RUBBER which sounds crazy but the abstract and fluttered nature of CURTAIN, probably should be the tagline.

As chaotic as CURTAIN is, it never quite lands the cult status it should deservedly have with moments of madness intercut with more real, yet amateur, uncovering's.

A woman moves out of her uncle’s home into her new apartment and discovers something very peculiar about its bathroom. Every time she puts up a shower curtain around her bath, it disappears. After recording the disappearing shower curtain on her phone and showing it to her work colleague Tim, they decide to investigate where the mysterious vortex in the bathroom leads to.

It takes itself a little too seriously at time so never becomes your next favourite midnight snack and certainly isn't the scariest film about a shower but there's some light entertainment for hardened horror fans.

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