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Danny Trejo stars in SHADOW OF THE CAT arriving June 14th on demand (NEWS)

Indican Pictures’ latest mystery thriller SHADOW OF THE CAT arrives on DVD and On-Demand on 14 June 2022. Gato (Guillermo Zapata) lives with his teenage daughter Emma (Maite Lanata) and a small group of people, including Sombra (Trejo), on an isolated farm without telephones or internet. But Emma, tempted by curiosity, runs away into town one day to attend a carnival and gets her hands on a mobile phone. After she uploads a video of herself to the internet, Emma is contacted by a mysterious woman named Celia (Mónica Antonópulos) who claims to be her long-lost mother. What follows is a mystical tale of family, identity and broken trust set amidst the turmoil of one girl’s question about her past. Directed by Jose Maria Cicala and written by Cicala, Griselda Sanchez and Gustavo Lencina, Shadow of the Cat also boasts a supporting cast of Latinx ttalent, including Lanata, Zapata, Rita Cortese, Mónica Antonópulos, Miguel Ángel Solá, Roberto Peloni and Luis Machín.

Shadow of the Cat arrives on DVD and Digital HD on June 14 from Indican Pictures.

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