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Dir. Tibor Takac

Reviewer. Dan Cook

Another rubbish creature feature from the geniuses at Nu Image studios and the Sci-Fi Channel, Tibor Takac’s DEADLY WATER is admittedly one of the more enjoyable straight-to-TV monster movies I’ve seen recently despite the unanimously bad performances, ear-splittingly bad script and special effects that often resemble those of an early-era PlayStation 2 RPG.

Set in the murky waters around the West coast of America, ‘Deadly Water’ sees a team comprised of three marine biologists (one of whom is played by the late ‘Glee’ star Corey Monteith) and a vengeance-seeking sailor (Charlie ‘O Donnell) who find themselves at the bottom of the food chain when then are stalked by a supersized squid that is supposedly protecting an extremely rare and valuable Trojan relic.

However, as well as evading the ten tentacles of their underwater adversary, the quartet also finds themselves the targets of a greedy mobster (Jack Scalia) who will stop at nothing to get his hands on the legendary artefacts that lies under the green depths.

The script and the performances are pretty dreadful throughout, particularly that of the aforementioned Scalia whose cigar-smoking gangster may be one of, if not the most hilariously unconvincing villains in movie history. As for the squid itself, there are some surprisingly effective shots where we see the creature from above the water but any sequences set below the surface or those where the beast’s Play-Doh-looking tentacles start flailing around the boat look absolutely terrible. Still, there are some daft moments of sub-JAWS monster madness that are gory fun and there is one absolutely spectacular decapitation that instantly guaranteed DEADLY WATER a secure place in my DVD collection.

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