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Dir. Marcin Wrona

Reviewer. Asian Man

Peter (Itay Tiran) receives a piece of land as a gift for his upcoming wedding. While preparing the property to build a home for his new family, he finds human remains in the ground. He decides to keep the discovery to himself so that all of the wedding arrangements can go on as planned. However, the deeper he tries to keep his secret, the more he seems to be under control of something, or rather someone, and from then on very strange things begin to happen!

The Polish feature film with Jew atmosphere is known for it's critical appreciations and also because of it's Director/Writer Marcin Wrona committing suicide. Martin was found dead on Friday night in a hotel room while preparing for a festival in Poland. He was 42. To start with the film's review, this film is wonderfully shot. The Film maker's eye for such a haunting atmosphere such as this setting is unlike anything I've ever seen. Even though the film takes place over the course of someone's wedding day (Which according to me is pretty fresh), the mood and setting is extremely uneasy, as you'd expect something very sinister to pop out at any moment. Peter and his soon-to-be bride as they cross a river to a family plot of land to exchange their vows and dance the night away at their reception. After cleaning up his gifted property, at night, Peter starts hearing some strange noises, He further inspects these sounds outside and falls into a pit of mud. Next day morning, he's cleaned off and about to marry his beautiful bride. But he starts showing some very strange behaviour in the form of having seizures, speaking different languages, and seeing things in the distance.

The wedding party, mostly his brother-in-law and father-in-law begin to think the worst and try to calm the guests from having a meltdown, which was strange, because most all the guests at the party are either drinking heavily, having sex, or dancing with a mixture of all three at certain points. The Performances, Music and Cinematography of the movie is simply outstanding and very atmospheric. The sound design of the movie is also very awesome at the same time. Once Peter falls in the pit of mud and next morning the wedding takes place, The screenplay takes you in a total different aura which you would have never-ever imagined. My best part in the film? There's an old respected man in the wedding and he tries an exorcism on Peter, what Peter replies, will send the chills down your spine for sure. I will not reveal much about the movie and will leave the rest for you to watch. But a film like DEMON surely recommended from my side. Especially if you want to explore something beyond usual Horrors! Usual Horrors? How many Horror films have you seen where the Husband or a Male getting possessed? I feel really very sad for Marcin Wrona and his family! I wish he was alive! I pray may god give lots of strength and power to his family.

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