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Dir. Rand Vossler

Reviewer. Martyn Wakefield

previously titled SEE HOW THEY RUN

Opening up with a girly get together in the woods, (what other way would you expect a horror film to begin?) the ladies unleash something evil and the relaxing break turns sinister with witchcraft and zombies.

To the advantage of DEMON LEGACY it begins well. Tones of John Carpenters score to HALLOWEEN set the wheels moving and this vehicle continues to move full pelt into the old favourite 80’s horror reminiscent of such greats as BLACK CHRISTMAS and THE EVIL DEAD. Each star a stereotype to culture, teasing lesbians and a secluded depressant in need of a break, it all fits nicely together to make a horror film like they used to be.

When the demon is freed, the ladies go all deadite and turn against each other and the fast forward effect may be laughable but it can be ignored for a modern day midnight blast. As the journey continues the girls see grisly ends and 70 minutes in, the end is nigh with an entertaining series of events for a low budget killer that is just what it needs to be.

Then the true possession starts. Just as you think the credits are about to begin, the film takes a disastrous turn in introducing a witch hunter and further conflict with some of the remaining girls that pushes the limits of the small budget. Extended the drama far more than is needed and adding further twists in the mix with parents and choosing between good and evil take away what the film could have been into something the film shouldn’t be.

It is unfortunate that there is so much to praise for the most part of DEMON LEGACY in replicating what made a multitude of 80's low budget horror films cult gems. However, it manages to mess it up in the final act where a true sacrifice to the film is made in trying to add something fresh where ultimately it ends up feeling stale.

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