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Dir. Chad Ferrin

Reviewer. Martyn Wakefield

If a bad film is intended to be a bad film, is it still a bad film?

Have you ever asked yourself, what if AIRPLANE meets THE EXORCIST? If the answer is yes then EXORCISM AT 60,000 FEET will tick that box even if you are an extremely small minority.

To be honest, it's terrible for it's corny dialogue, lousy CGI, dire acting, 12 year old school humour and lame attempts to pay homage to some of horror's iconic movies. There's very little to save this from the depths of bad films, so why can't I stop watching?

With an impressive opening lampooning the effects of THE EXORCIST, Robert Miano's performance as a weathered priest is perfect casting and he single handedly keeps the film from crashing in the ocean. Some of the humour works like the Exorcism scene but on the whole unless you're an infant who finds fart and tourette jokes hilarious then it really misses the mark.

The frustrating part is that while Miano is given something to prove his acting chops, the inclusion of horror favourites Lance Henriksen and Bill Moseley is just a wasted poster sell, and a dent in their résumé.

Meanwhile the horror elements are so badly wrapped in awful CGI and bad acting that even the decent practical effects feel wasted in a film with a dwarf child, lesbian nuns and whisky totting pilots. Stick with a back to back of AIRPLANE and THE EXORCIST, an unlikely double bill, but at least more enjoyable.

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