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Farewell Roger Corman, there's a new budget film-maker to take the mantle (NEWS)

The new films by director Andrea Ricca, with over 40 million views online and international reviews (Starburst Magazine, Rue Morgue Magazine, Scream Horror Magazine, Fangoria, Filma Threat, Dread Central, Horror News, Gruesome Magazine, Horror Movies Ca, Gorezone, Horror Society, Bloody Disgusting, Famous Monsters of Filmland, Sfx Magazine, L'Ecran Fantastique ecc.) are now available to view for free on the official website of the author, on YouTube and on Amazon Prime Video (USA and UK)

With a library of over 15 films blending alien invasion, traumatic horror and giant scorpions, this is the new home of B-Movie horror.

A collection of short films ranging from science fiction, adventure, creature features, horror, and fantasy, with special effects in CGI, all from the mind of director Andrea Ricca, are available now online for free. The films have already surpassed 40 million views online, garnering reviews from international press. Andrea Ricca truly is the love child of Ed Wood and Roger Corman.

Graduating in Sociology and specialized in 3D graphics, he made his debut in cinema in 1998, and among his most successful films we remember SPIDER DANGER, which tells of a spider that became giant after the fall of a meteorite, with over 8 million viewers, and ALIENS NIGHT on the theme of alien abductions, with 9 million views.

Andrea works as a 3D designer, editor and photographer and has also collaborated on some films for the Giffoni Film Festival. In 2012 he published the book SPECIAL EFFECTS LOW BUDGET. All of his works are zero-budget productions, without a crew; without external contributions or remuneration to the participants. They were made with the only help of an HD camcorder and a computer. Writing, filming, editing, 3D modelling and animation, compositing and post-production were all done by the director himself.

For those who are passionate about science fiction, horror, fantasy and adventure films, but do not have much time to dedicate to cinema on the big screen, they can enjoy these mini-films of a maximum duration ranging from 5 to 10 minutes, on any device, from tablet to mobile phone, suitable for quick use on the web.

One of the most popular films is entitled ALIENS NIGHT, with 9 million views, and tells of an alien spaceship that arrives on earth near the house where a young biologist lives. Small gray aliens descend from the spaceship and enter her house, a real alien invasion! These classic big-headed aliens want to kidnap her but the girl, after a first moment of fear, decides to fight back and fight for her life. What will happen? There is certainly some touch of humor but above all an unexpected surprise at the end!

The second most viewed film by the public is entitled SPIDER DANGER with over 8 million views. Due to the fall of a meteorite, a small spider kept in a display case by a collector becomes giant and begins to hunt down its master. The house is full of cobwebs and spider eggs that will hatch, resulting in an invasion of arachnids! For those who love the paranormal, on the other hand, we find THE AMULET OF FEAR, a tribute to horror in the style of Stephen King. In an old house a young girl finds an ancient amulet that has the magical property of making real the fears of its owner and when the girl begins to read a horror book by Stephen King entitled: "The creature" the latter comes to life and begins to hunt him. The danger is imminent and not even the gunshots can stop the monstrous creature (completely made on the computer in 3D graphics) for this reason the protagonist will have to use all her wits to win her nemesis. Between thrills and action.

The short films have participated in numerous festivals around the world: Miami Film Festival, Vienna Film Festival, Los Angeles Cine Fest, International Fantastic Film Festival, Cleveland Comic Con, HorrorCon UK, Fantafestival amongst others.

All short films can be viewed on the official website or on Amazon Prime.

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