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Dir. Bill Hinzman

Reviewer. Martyn Wakefield

FLESHEATER, REVENGE OF THE LIVING DEAD, ZOMBIE NOSH, a film rebranded so many times when in short it's simply a colourised remake of NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD with more boobs and blood.

Bill Hinzman, star of the Romero genre defining classic, takes on acting, writing and directing with a simple cash in on his earlier fame and for the most part, while pointless, it simply echoes the original with near scene for scene replication. Open fields with horses of the undead, a farmhouse, the locals arriving to take them all out to some tragic conclusions. And yet somehow lacking the punch the 1968 film had despite some of the blood and graphic violence exceeding it.

The low budget is evident and even against CGI effect laden films today, those savouring the practical effects of the 80s won't be impressed here.

The soundtrack is basic, the performances as stiff as the undead and a lot of the blood splatter is inconsistent with the damage but for all its flaws, Bill Hinzman's film is perfect late night zombie fodder to chew on. It hasn't got the lasting impact of its superior inspiration and lacks any depth that had, instead simply being an empty corpse for the cash to ride on.

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