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Folk horror documentary series SIDEWORLD gains third feature (NEWS)

The third entry in the SIDEWORLD series to be released soon on Prime Video. The first two films HAUNTED FORESTS OF ENGLAND’ and TERRORS OF THE SEA are now available to rent on Prime Video, and FREE TO WATCH on Tubi & The Roku Channel.

The films are atmospheric cinematic experiences, exploring a trove of ghost stories, folklore, mythology and real-world paranormal sightings, behind some of the UK’s most haunted locations. From HAUNTED VILLAGES to SEA MONSTERS and GHOST SHIPS, these are but a few of the topics covered in the series.

“When the line between fact and fiction is enshrouded in mist and shadow, beyond that threshold is a place that can change our perspective on everything we think we know. I call this place… the Sideworld.”

The SIDEWORLD journey is only just beginning, with a dozen documentaries planned for the next couple of years. With such a positive response from audiences and critics so far, our mission is to be a hub for the folk horror community, to continue to bring forgotten folklore into the light with style and substance, breathing new life into the genre.

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