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Fresh gorehound Liam Regan returns with EATING MISS CAMPBELL (NEWS)

A vegan-goth high school student falls in a taboo relationship with her new English teacher, and soon develops a problematic appetite for human flesh.

Producer Lloyd Kaufman (THE TOXIC AVENGER) and Director Liam Regan (MY BLOODY BANJO) bring you a dark and satirical love letter, come death threat to nostalgia with the upcoming EATING MISS CAMPBELL, a co-production between Troma Entertainment and Refuse Films.

EATING MISS CAMPBELL lampoons topical social issues including veganism, teen suicide and school shootings.

A brand spanking new take on the black comedy high school movie, following in the shoes of HEATHERS (1989), JAWBREAKER (1999) and TRAGEDY GIRLS (2017), along with nonsensical violence and tongue in cheek social commentary.

While principal photography has completed, EATING MISS CAMPBELL is currently seeking completion funds for post production through an Indiegogo campaign. Filming began in early 2020, but due to the pandemic, only wrapped late last Summer, starting production for a second time cost the budget initially set aside for post production.

You can donate to the Indiegogo campaign at

The post production campaign offers rewards including T-Shirts, action figures, motion picture soundtrack on vinyl composed by Oscar winner Joe Renzetti (CHILD'S PLAY, FRANKENHOOKER, POLTERGEIST III) and the 2015 film festival hit MY BLOODY BANJO: DIRECTOR'S CUT for the first time on Blu-ray, and much more!

Indiegogo Campaign link:

Synopsis: Meet vegan-goth high school student Beth Conner, who falls into a taboo relationship with her new English teacher, Miss Campbell and soon develops a problematic taste for human flesh.

Unable to commit suicide without the help of a loaded handgun, Beth finds herself destined to live inside a 90s cliché-laden horror film.

When a patriarchal school board auctions the rights to live stream the inaugural "All You Can Eat Massacre" contest (where the winner is awarded a loaded handgun) Beth finally finds a way to escape horror movies once and for all.

Beth must find a way to win the contest, save her high school from a mass tragedy and suppress her increasing appetite... to eat Miss Campbell.

Eating Miss Campbell is raising post production funds via Indiegogo at until June 19th and features a cast of genre faves including Laurence R. Harvey (THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE), Lyndsey Craine (BOOK OF MONSTERS), Vito Trigo (MY BLOODY BANJO) and Lloyd Kaufman (THE TOXIC AVENGER).

This is the second feature film by writer and director Liam Regan, whose previous movie, the critically acclaimed MY BLOODY BANJO premiered at London Frightfest in 2015 and screened at prestigious film festivals worldwide.

You can donate to the Eating Miss Campbell post production Indiegogo campaign at:

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