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Dir. Albert Band

Reviewer. Dan Cook

One of the many GREMLINS rip-offs to come out in the later years of the 80’s, GHOULIES II is a super cheap but super entertaining piece of nonsense that is so utterly bad in all the right ways. Telling the story of a struggling funfair that overrun from tiny but vicious demons that begin to make mincemeat of the customers, GHOULIES II dispenses with any character whatsoever and instead serves as an excuse to have hand puppets maiming and killing teenagers and adults alike in the most ridiculous ways possible for 90 minutes.

The performances from the cast are about as good as those delivered by their rubber co-stars while the titular beasties themselves are hilariously silly - squawking and giggling like demented little children while they go about their bloody business.

None of the movie makes sense, it’s not remotely scary and the actors are as emotionally convincing as the puppets but as a slice of insane exploitation, GHOULIES II delivers the gory goods.

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