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Dir. John Ross

Reviewer. Martyn Wakefield

Urban legends have been the backbone to the slasher genre since the 70s and it's no surprise that the mythology is expanded to youth issues of today. With the likes of the boogeyman in HALLOWEEN, the videotape curse of THE RING or even death itself in FINAL DESTANTION, there's no denying that urban legends have evolved but will never die. GRIMCUTTY tries to tackle those with the reliance on technology.

The films synopsis doesn't help preconceptions of how bad this film is... A suburban teen girl and her little brother must stop a terrifying internet meme brought to life by the hysteria of their parents.

Yes, this film is about a killer meme.

Despite all the young actors being great and holding their own, all the parents really bring this down. There's a lot of promise early on with some genuine jump scars but the further the film carries on the more more preposterous and silly it becomes. Despite an interesting premise and a solid few jump scares, GRIMCUTTY is cookie cutty horror delivered without being scary. The monster is bought out into the light and the CGI becomes very apparent when shot against a white backdrop ceasing any fear and the constant berating of the parents the script is terribly compromised of cliché and over protective with PC parenting which goes against any strain of believability, no wonder the children run amok, there's no love or care, just words from a script that is the most horrifying part of this film.

This isn't the first time technology and memes have been used and the themes mirror some of the prospects that could have mirrored the likes of TRUTH OR DARE but GRIMCUTTY is a missed opportunity and is best left as unseen.

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