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Dir. James Cullen Bressack

Reviewer. Martyn Wakefield

Opening up with the home video recording of a family birthday and as quick as you just read that… BOOM! HATE CRIME does not mess around. Plot and characterization are minimalized to show the true extremities of hate crimes throughout America.

Revolving around the family invasion by three Neo-Nazi’s high on drugs and motives of a far more sinister nature, the burst into the household and wreaks havoc on the peaceful Jewish family. Bringing with them guns and intentions of the darkest kind, HATE CRIME sees director, 20 year old James Cullen Bressack, show that he has the guts to bring a film that will bring with it the same horrors as did LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT, 40 years before it, and then some.

Filmed effectively on home video capturing the raw action and behaviour of the three hooligans, the first half hour will have you wincing, groaning and possibly puking at the sights and sounds of what lengths they will go to with their neo-Nazi ideals.

Brutal and sickening to watch, Bressack’s film with have you talking about it for weeks later and it will tear opinion between what is entertainment and what is part torture-porn as the graphic nature of HATE CRIME is without doubt some of the most harrowing and sickening on film. But all this is not without morale as the closing credits capture the essence of Bressack’s film-making bring home the harsh realities that this is not a film, this is real and unlike Craven’s film previously mentioned, you will not be chanting ‘It’s only a movie’ ensuring those doors Are locked at night.

It’s near impossible to give this film a true rating. As well as this is hard hitting effective film making, its point heavily valid in a society where the line between ideals and action blur. Horror in a vein that’s gut-wrenching and terrifying and yet true to life that this should be shown late at night on the True Crime channel make this hard to watch yet film making at its best for both effectiveness and styling.

(ed - Unfortunately HATE CRIME remains banned in the UK as of 2021, it truly is a video nasty and is one of only 2 films rejected by the BBFC in the past 10 years.)

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