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Dir. Alex Chandon

Reviewer. Martyn Wakefield

Ever since THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE was released in 1974, the horror genre has never been the same again. Hillbillies have been a long term enemy of teens and families alike in such films as WRONG TURN, HOUSE OF 1,000 CORPSES and HILLS HAVE EYES. A genre that has certainly got USA written all over it. But now, finally, the red necks are here…

INBRED is everything it says on the tin. When four youth offenders and their social workers Kate (Jo Hartley) and Jeff (James Doherty) head out into the middle of nowhere to renovate a derelict house, they soon meet the locals. Within 2 minutes of travelling into the village it’s scene that the children are beating up a person hung as a scarecrow.

It doesn’t help that the motley crew of offenders don’t get on but when they eventually wind down and head to the local pub (charmingly named, ‘The Dirty Hole’) things turn a little weird with the locals and the pub landlord, Jim (Seamus O’Neill) and their AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON welcoming. Following on from here, the break to rehabilitate the youths turns very nasty indeed when it’s revealed that the villagers put on shows, with the ‘outsiders’ being the star attraction. We don’t like to leave spoilers but all we’re going to say is minstrels, horses, manure pumps and bloody good special effects.

In the same vein as HOUSE OF 1,000 CORPSES this is a very dark film that takes it’s tongue, rips it out, and sticks it firmly in its cheek. If EMMERDALE was ever to get directed by Alex Chandon, we would be in love, although the regulars might be a little afraid.

After the first few moments of a film within a film segment starring Emily Booth, the setting for inbred is set with ruthless slashing of blood and ruthless violence. A theme that only gets worse/better as the film goes on. The offenders struggle together to survive the maniacal ‘family’ as they wreak havoc on their fresh arrival and it’s some scene stealing moments from O’Neill that make ‘Inbred’ on of the best midnight horror films for a very long time, in fact we haven’t seen a film like this since ‘…1,000 CORPSES’. A film leaving you wanting to watch part 2 as soon as the credits appear.

Showcasing the best in British talent including Chris Walker (who has just been confirmed for FRIGHT NIGHT 2), Nadine Rose Mulkerrin and Dominic Blunt who has recently turned his hand from soap actor in EMMERDALE to horror director himself with BEFORE DAWN. An appearance which must surely show his true thoughts of his soap? It’s thanks to this talent that ‘Inbred’ not only brings humour but sheer terror also.

Alex Chandon has created a masterpiece and we can only beg and plead like the victims in INBRED that we see more of the villagers. INBRED may not be the most original of stories, but what it lacks in originality, it sure as hell makes up for in death, gore and everything so sinister about the rural backwards type. A genre classic and a film we missed out on twice this year at both ‘Shock & Gore’ and ‘Frightfest’ (ed - back in 2012), a decision we’ve been regretting ever since, so make sure you don’t and get on to the best hillbilly horror of recent years.

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