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Dir. Kevin Ko

Reviewer. Martyn Wakefield

If there's one thing we can thank Netflix for is the power it has to bring world cinema closer to audiences. In recent years the studio has increased it's share of world cinema and allows the world to unite in fear.

INCANTATION proves further that, how it did in the early 00s, eastern cinema is the world leader in horror. Kevin Ko's film sees a desperate mother try to rid a curse placed on her years ago as it begins to affect her own daughter.

From the outset, this film is not light-hearted and really gets under the skin. The sheer desperation of Li Ruo-nan (Hsuan-yen Tsai) brings a powerful performance fighting for that she loves most and going to any lengths to save it but what really drives INCANTATION is it's steady build up and ultimate payoff for those willing to sit through the nerve-shredding fear.

The visual journey Ruo-san endures is mesmeric and attention grabbing but sure as hell isn't something you'd want to find yourself travelling down but more interestingly, the folklore that is interwoven amongst the horror is as alluring as it is terrifying.

Easily one of the scariest films of 2022, INCANTATION is amongst the best found footage films out there and is a must see this Halloween.

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