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Interactive thriller WHO PRESSED MUTE ON UNCLE MARCUS? is available to play now (NEWS)

Join the charismatic cast of a new FMV interactive game: WHO PRESSED MUTE ON UNCLE MARCUS? where you get to choose what happens next – starring Andy Buckley (The Office, Keeping Company, Jurassic World) as Uncle Marcus, Abigail Hardingham (Nina Forever, The Missing), and Susannah Doyle (Black Mirror, Drop The Dead Donkey, About A Boy) - let us know if you would like an interview and when you are available?

Part of a dynamic ensemble of playable characters in a new audience driven murder-mystery -the viewer plays as Abby, whose annual family quiz goes horribly wrong, leaving her Uncle Marcus (played by The Office’s Andy Buckley) poisoned in an attempted murder, and the other characters stuck in an insidious game of whodunnit.

From the multi-award-winning interactive movie developer Wales Interactive, the film – which was shot in lockdown - also stars Robbie Kay(Once Upon a Time, Pinocchio), Georgia Small (Struck, Five Dates) and Al Weaver (Colette, Peterloo, The Complex).

Let me know if you are interested in an interview with Andy Buckley, Abigail Hardingham and/or Susannah Doyle? More information on the film is below for you.

WHO PRESSED MUTE ON UNCLE MARCUS? is available now on PC & Mac (via Steam), iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Twitter: @WalesInter Instagram: @WalesInteractive

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