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Dir. Tobe Hooper

Reviewer. Dan Cook

As a fan of both director Tobe Hooper and 80’s science fiction cinema, I was looking forward to watching this hyperactive remake of the 1950’s classic. However, apart from some amazing creature designs from the great Stan Winston which push the boundary for what is acceptable on screen for children, and some rather eye-popping production work, there isn’t much to recommend.

INVADERS FROM MARS is alien invasion without the terror and purposefully so as it joins child friendly sci-fi fare as BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED and FLIGHT OF THE NAVIGATOR.

More than anything else, it is the performances which really fall flat here, particularly those from the young central star Hunter Carson who comes across more annoying than endearing and the usually great Louise Fletcher who actually ended up earning a Razzie nomination for her unconvincing turn as a grouchy teacher taken over by the extra-terrestrials.

It’s certainly colourful but when compared to the more inventive sci-fi released during the decade, INVADERS OF MARS fails to stand out.

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