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Dir. Faisal Saif

Reviewer. Asian Man

Nowadays, I feel like going up to these Film makers and congratulating them for exposing us to the themes which we really didn't thought could be exposed especially in Horror genre. For me though, I was only exposed to catholic exorcism (Many movies to be named). Later, they showed me some Japanese and Korean exorcism (KARUTO, HOUSE OF THE DISAPPEARED). I was also very much impressed by Israel-Polish possession cum exorcism movie (DEMON) for which I also wrote a review here.

And now comes a movie (all of a sudden, without any hype) titled ISLAMIC EXTREMIST. What is Islamic Exorcism? How different it is from the other exorcism I have seen in movies? Is this exorcism that controversial and dangerous that it was written about? There were so many articles on the web about this exorcism going wrong etc. I did a small search and found out few facts about this movie which I was curious to watch.

ISLAMIC EXORCIST is made in India and it is based on a true Story. Film maker Faisal Saif received death threats to not to release this movie from Islamic Extremists. The film touches upon the infamous hidden-yet-scary conflict between Shia and Sunni Muslim community.

The movie starts off with the Investigative Journalist Natasha (Meera) voice over where she asks "Have you seen Satan? Do you believe in Satan? Would you like to see Satan?". Natasha is curious to understand the real truth where Aayesha (Kavita Radheshyam) and her Cop husband Sameer Khan (Nirab Hossain) killed their 9 year old adopted daughter Anna because the couple believed Anna was a Demon.

The film takes a slow start like every Horror movie and confuses you a little by throwing in some true to life situations from India. And finally gives you a blow with it's shocking finale which will leave you in an addiction.

ISLAMIC EXORCIST totally depends on the fantastic acting by all the three lead actors and their chemistry with each other. The show stealers are however Kavita Radheshyam and Nirab Hossain. Other actors too have done their bit pretty well. The girl who played Anna is cute as well as creepy at the same time.

The moment you are watching this film, you will certainly make out Film maker Faisal Saif is extra bold and extra gutsy who wrote and directed this movie (Despite being Muslim himself) and did full justice to it's screenplay without any fear. The camera work, production value, editing were all good. The sound design and score was tremendous and refreshing at the same time.

If you are a fan of films such as UNDER THE SHADOW, you will love Islamic Exorcist more! Because from where films like UNDER THE SHADOW left, this one just begins. Cinema Epoch releases ISLAMIC EXORCIST this month on VOD and other digital downloads.

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