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Dir. Timo Vuorensola

Reviewer. Martyn Wakefield

Every 23 years the Creeper returns to feast after 23 days of grazing. Now, 19 years after the original modern horror classic, the Creeper returns again to torment audiences.

And torment, he does. With a wealth of opportunity, JEEPERS CREEPERS REBORN should stand as a welcome return to form after the dismal third instalment. Fortunately any stains on the franchise are removed from this film with IRON SKY director Timo Vuorensola taking over from Salva. Instead, rather than a new lease of life to the horror franchise, we're left with an unintentional comedy the will at least gives this all the bones of a future cult classic.

Returning after rest, the Creeper is back and aided by a coven of admirers(?) he is given a starting feast of flesh to regain his strength. In addition, a horror convention leads a fresh suite of savoury treats to dinner and amidst some voodoo(?) and premonitions leading to a possession of a baby(?).

The plot is far too convoluted for such a subject or even budget, and the effort to carve a new mythology around the hunter is beyond want or need.

With some awful green screen, wrestling level fight scenes, an uncontrollably laugh out loud moment that isn't intended and some hilarious moments of dialogue, there's much to love about this entry in the series and manages to remain entertaining. Just not for the right reasons. And to think this series was produced by Francis Ford Coppola.

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