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Jennifer Blanc-Biehn (INTERVIEW)

Earlier this week we hooked up with ‘Among Friends’ and ‘The Victim’ star Jennifer Blanc-Biehn wife to Michael Biehn (Aliens, The Abyss, The Victim). Earlier this year they set up their own production company while Michael was directing his first film, The Victim. Among Friends is a horror comedy about a dinner party gone wrong. Set against an 80s backdrop, good times take a dark turn when one in the group hijacks the evening in the name of Integrity. Through an attempt to help the others come clean about secret betrayals against one another, it’s revealed who's willing to cut through the bone to expose the truth. We were honoured to get to speak with Jennifer and asked her a few questions on her latest performance as well as what’s planned next.

It seems you are becoming a rising star in the horror genre starring in Prank, The Victim and now Among Friends. Have you found your market or are you hoping to carve your name into a wider range of genres? I love this genre and the fans and people related to it but I love the drama and suspense too so I am open to all. But honestly – this feels like the genre our company (Blanc Biehn Productions) is leaning toward How was it working with your husband in The Victim? Did it cause any friction especially with Michael behind the camera as well? It was awesome! We had acted in other movies together and if you watch the behind the scenes, you will see the major passion. We like to call it and some tension too but we are both volatile and it makes life interesting and fun. And off the back of The Victim you and Michael have set up your own Production Company to which you'll be producing, how's that going? Awesome! It’s a huge learning curve and a very exciting process. We have films lining up, we are gonna do the English language remake of the very controversial ‘Hidden In The woods’ – It’s gonna be awesome with Patricio Valledares directing.

We are setting up ‘The Farm’ directed by Xavier Gens and written by the Marcus Brothers and starring various people who also starred in ‘The Divide’ and ‘The Victim’ Also, we have a mentally intense suspense drama in post-production written and directed by Travis Romero (Creator of White Collar ) How did 'Among Friends' come about? Well Alyssa (Lobit) and Danielle (Harris) were both involved in acting and helping with ‘The Victim’ and Alyssa had an idea. I brought her and Danielle together on the subject and they collaborated further and long story short – we have ‘Among Friends’. The film recently picked up by Grindstone Entertainment for Lionsgate Home Video for the USA and anchor Bay for Canada. ...and what can we expect? You can expect a bloody fun ride from your favourite scream queen Danielle Harris and also starring Alyssa Lobit, myself, Brianne Davis, Kamala Jones and Dana Daurey as well as AJ Bowen, Chris Meyers, Christopher Backus and Kane Hodder. From starring with Danielle Harris to now working with her as director on her directorial debut, did you see a different side to Danielle? Has it tested your friendship? Danielle is one of my best friends first and foremost and while these things can be challenging on a friendship, you learn as you go how to communicate and to always put the friendship first. With Danielle directing, yourself producing and fellow star Alyssa Lobit writer on the film was it difficult balancing on screen/off screen work and how did you have time for coffee? LOL, We did have coffee’s but they are work and coffee. However, we all just showed the film at Sitges in Spain and had a wonderful time to catch up and enjoy each other in Dublin at Horrorthon With recent news that Lionsgate have distribution rights for the film, when can we expect to see it? We don’t know the release date yet With both your husband and Danielle in the directors seat, will you be wrestling to get that chair anytime soon? I do wanna direct. I didn’t but I do now, I DO. Just once though… Give it a try For all the latest progress of ‘Among Friends’ we’ll be there first and be sure to follow Jennifer on Twitter (@Jenniferblancb) and also on Facebook. For further news on Blanc Biehn Productions head to

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