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Dir. Jim Wynorski

Reviewer. Dan Cook

Directed by genre veteran Jim Wynorski, the visionary behind such masterpieces as CHEERLEADER MASSACRE, CAMEL SPIDERS and PIRANHACONDA but across his portfolio of 150+ films, he is most remembered by his 80s classic, CHOPPING MALL. KOMODO VS COBRA is a far from terrifying shlocker and with the same terrible acting, awful writing and dreadful CG effects one would expect from a film with the name KOMODO VS COBRA, it's far from reaching the memorable heights he achieved with the robot mall slasher.

The movie, which is a sequel to Wynorski’s 2004 opus CURSE OF THE KOMODO, sees giant reptiles once again on the rampage as a group of environmentalists venture to a South Pacific island where illicit genetic experimentation has created oversized, man-eating beasties. OK, It’s not quite in the same league as other ‘’Vs.’’ movies such as FREDDY VS. JASON, ALIEN V PREDATOR or KRAMER VS KRAMER but as far as these bargain bucket, straight-to-the-SyFy channel creature features go, I’ve seen much worse. It’s got some nice location shots, the bloodless deaths are laughably cheesy and leading man Michael Pare makes for a charismatic dual-pistol wielding hero. Plus, it has a recurring theme that sounds like John Barry’s James Bond motif crossed with the opening tune to the classic mid-90’s game show FORT BOYARD.

One things for sure, it’s certainly more enjoyable than last week’s viewing of LOCKJAW, a film that is now my gold standard for truly crappy, made-for-tv B movies.

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