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Kraken presents, Screamfest VI | Spend Halloween living your worst nightmare (EVENT)


• Innocent childhood game ‘hide and seek’ turned into frightening horror experience at Kraken’s Screamfest VI: Here We Come

• Hiders will be hunted by a group of malevolent masked seekers in the 18+ reimagining of the childhood game so intense and physical that attendees must sign a waiver to play

• Players are required to hide in a series of claustrophobic and dark spaces including rusty lockers, dirty bathtubs and gory bins

• After the phobia-inducing game is over, players will have the chance to enjoy Kraken cocktails in an adjoining bar fitted with accursed arcade machines

Tickets can be purchased here:


Hide and seek is a fun childhood game that evokes nothing but happy memories, right? No longer. This Halloween, the age-old, innocent game of hide and seek is being transformed by The Kraken Rum into a disturbing, twisted and truly terrifying 18+ immersive horror experience designed to give people nightmares. In fact, it may just be the most horrifying game of hide and seek the world has ever seen. Welcome to Screamfest VI: Here We Come.

If hiding in a series of dark and claustrophobic spaces including rusty lockers, filthy bathtubs and even a gory bin while a grotesque group of masked seekers relentlessly hunts you down is your idea of a perfect Halloween then Screamfest VI: Here We Come awaits.

Given the requirement to conceal oneself in oppressive physical spaces, the prospect of being caught and dragged into the shadows, and the sheer terror of it all, this unique game of hide and seek is strictly 18+ and players will need to sign a waiver to play. The foolhardy folks that do will then be ushered into a dark, dank and disorientating underground labyrinth full of grim hiding places to begin their hide and seek nightmare.

Just like the classic game of hide and seek, players will have a brief period of time to find a hiding place and conceal themselves before the seekers arrive… And that’s where the similarities end. From there on in it’s pure unadulterated horror as players are pursued by a group of foes so expert at seeking that constantly moving from hiding place to hiding place is the only way to have any chance of remaining unfound.

The story goes that the seekers were accidentally unleashed into the real world from an accursed arcade machine, where they existed as pixelated characters in a horror hide and seek computer game. Now manifest in flesh and blood they repeatedly play out their video game roles in the real world, hunting real life players in order present them to their master: The Beast. The only way to diminish the curse and return the seekers to their arcade form forever is to outwit them in a very real, very scary game of hide and seek.

The immersive experience has been designed and tested by a team of horror experts and theatre professionals, with additional hiding and seeking consultation from a professional: former special forces soldier, Jay Morton, who played life and death games of hide and seek for a living as an SAS operative before becoming a household name on the TV show SAS: Who Dares Wins.

Hiders will need to evade the malevolent seekers for a full 20 minutes. Anyone that is caught will be dragged to a cage and locked away until the game is over. During the game, players can find collectibles to exchange for Kraken rewards after the game is over.

After being put through the wringer (or hiding in one), all players of the game, including those wallowing behind bars, will be rewarded with entry to a Kraken bar, where they can enjoy original Kraken cocktails and share not-so-joyous memories from their recent hide and seek experience with other players.

The Kraken bar will also contain multiple accursed arcade machines, giving hiders a second chance at beating the Beast-worshipping seekers in arcade form. Beware, though: losing at the arcade game will only help strengthen the curse keeping these monsters in the real world.

So, are you ready? Or not?

When is it?

The Kraken Screamfest VI: Here We Come will take place on the 27th, 28th & 29th of October from 7pm to 11pm.


The Ditch, Shoreditch Town Hall, 380 Old St, London EC1V 9LT


Tickets cost £10 and include a welcome drink and a cocktail token. Tickets can be purchased here:

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