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Let's explore some new extraterrestrial terrors! (NEWS)

Italian director Andrea Ricca announces a raft of new films through his Sci-Fi & Horror Award Winning Short Movies Collection

A press release provided by Ricca is outlined below;

Science Fiction Channel with Aliens, UFOs and Horror Short Films, Adventure, Fantasy and Monster Movies, Creature Features, with CGI VFX. Over 40 million online viewers and international reviews. Let's take a look at short films about aliens, ghosts, demons and other horrors!

We present the new collection of short films of science fiction, horror, adventure, fantasy and creature features, by director Andrea Ricca, available on Amazon Prime Video here, or free on the director's Official Website here.

Filled with emotion and action, these films tell stories of fantastic events that upset the tranquility of ordinary people forced to fight for their lives. These films tell of alien invasions, fantastic monsters and paranormal events. Featuring live actors interacting with computer-generated creatures, these films are inspired by both classic and modern science fiction.

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