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LET'S NOT MEET podcast branches out into new series LET'S NEVER MEET and needs your help (NEWS)

With over 50 million downloads and over thousands of stories from all over the world, one of the top true-horror podcasts LET'S NOT MEET has joined forces with the award-winning Goodale Films to create a live-action limited episodic series called, LET'S NEVER MEET. The show will be based on true tales of terror from the popular podcast. These tales will range from creepy encounters with random strangers to narrowly evading capture or even murder by infamous serial killer Ted Bundy.

A crowdfunding campaign was just launched on Indiegogo which will run through July 19th. The Goodale Films team will start principal photography in the next two Months and production will wrap in late fall 2022. “If you’re a fan of Let’s Not Meet: A True Horror Podcast, you’re going to be a Super Fan

of Let’s Never Meet” - Andrew Tate, Creator of ‘Let’s Not Meet: A True Horror Podcast

Campaign link:

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