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Michael Biehn (INTERVIEW)

Michael Biehn has been in some of the biggest films of the last century including ‘The Terminator’ and ‘Aliens’ and while never hitting the stardom of some of his co-stars, his catalogue is a collection seen by millions. After several decades in front of the camera, Michael has now headed behind and sat firmly in the directors seat with his new film ‘The Victim’. ​ Not only content with writing and directing Michael also stars in the film along with his wife and Producer, Jennifer Blanc-Biehn with whom they have set up Blanc/Biehn Productions. Taking advice from Robert Rodriguez when they worked together on ‘Planet Terror’ to go ahead and make a grindhouse film. It wasn’t until years later when he by chance saw someone reading Rodriguez’ book, ‘Rebel without a Crew’ that he took up his promise and ‘The Victim’ was born.

How did you find it going from acting to directing? Was it easy? Ha, this wasn’t easy at all, I had had to write it in 3 weeks. During that three week period we had to get all the pre-production, which means casting, land application and everything and we shot it in 12 days. It was all done very very small. Do you feel as a big Hollywood Star it's more difficult to be taken seriously as a director? I don’t, but I made a fun grindhouse film so it’s all fun. Not sure if I decided to do a serious subject matter what the reaction would be, ha. How much of Rodriguez influenced your style to do a 'grindhouse' film? All of him. As far as the genre, type of film and “Just go with it” style. When I was filming ‘Planet Terror’, he said go do it! Which film in your career was your highlight and why have you chosen to do horror/thriller films with you production company? The Terminator, Aliens, Tombstone, The Divide and now I feel, The Victm As far as our production company, it’s starting with what we have available to us as we grow and what genre will work within that. We look forward to more thrillers and horror at Blanc/Biehn Productions but certainly exploring the idea of other (genres) as well

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