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Dir. Ty Leisher

Reviewer. Martyn Wakefield

A group of crime scene cleaners struggle to escape a murder house after becoming trapped by an ancient Nordic demon that is hell-bent on driving them insane.

For a straight to video release with an unknown cast, MURDER HOUSE doesn't hold back and actually succeeds where most lower budget horror films fail. Through a tight budget, the film is restrained to a house but thankfully, as with so many other great small features (THE EVIL DEAD, CABIN FEVER) that's not a downfall to effective horror.

Fortunately, with a great script and premise, a concept so simple it's hard to see how this hasn't been used more and a payoff that really l, well, pays off, there's much to like about this.

What's more important is the use of Nordic philosophy blends perfectly with the claustrophobic nature of the cast which becomes a blend of THE THING and THE EVIL DEAD as they become obsessed in the belief and realisation of their own fears.

MURDER HOUSE isn't going to blow away any horror fans but at 71 minutes long it's a suitable filler for those seeking something a little different.

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