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NECA announce horror merchandise at SDCC (NEWS)

This year's SDCC is once again at home die to Covid restrictions in place across the globe. However, that's not to say there's nothing to see and this week NECA kicked off the San Diego Comic Con with a bang.

GREMLINS, THE THING and quite timely a new HALLOWEEN series of figurines in time for the sequel arriving later this year. Official release dates have not yet been confirmed however keep an eye over at NECA for release and pre-order opportunities.

Here's a rundown of the highlights of what has been announced so far;

Full list of announced NECA releases below;

Back to the Future

  • Griff Tannen

  • Doc Brown (Jumpsuit)

The Defenders of Earth

  • Flash Gordon (Comic Version)

  • Ming The Merciless (Comic Version)

  • The Phantom (Comic Version)

  • Flash Gordon (Movie Inspired Version)

  • Ming The Merciless (Movie Inspired Version)

The Boys

  • Black Nior

  • A-Train

Bride of Chucky

  • Chucky and Tiffany 8″ Scale 2-Pack

Halloween II

  • Michael Myers and Dr. Loomis 2-Pack

Creepshow (Movie)

  • The Creep Ultimate Figure

The Thing

  • R.J. MacReady (Station Survivor) Ultimate Figure


  • AvP Arcade – Razor Claws (Movie Style Colors)

  • AvP Arcade – Chrysalis (Movie Style Colors)

  • AvP Arcade – Arachnoid (Movie Style Colors)


  • Lost Tribe Announcement

Gremlins 2

  • Demolition 2-Pack

  • Brain Gremlin


  • Demona

  • Thailog

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie

  • Casey Jones Ultimate Figure with Unmasked Head

  • TMNT II – Shredder

  • Super Shredder (Classic Toy Inspired) with Dock Diorama Display

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mirage Comics

  • Teaser

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cartoon

  • Dirtbag and Groundchuck 2-Pack

  • Wingnut and Screw Loose

  • Channel 6 News Crew – April, Irma, Vernon, and Burne Thompson

  • Tokka and Rahzar

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