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New chapter in the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY series is arriving this Halloween (NEWS)

So, here it is. Six years after THE GHOST DIMENSION, the found footage phenomenon returns via streaming sites in time for this Halloween.

"A new Paranormal Activity from Paramount Players should bring fans an unexpected reimagining of the beloved horror franchise," Tanya Giles (Chief Programming Officer, ViacomCBS Streaming) reportedly said during an appearance on the TCA press tour. "We’ll also be launching a documentary on the making of the Paranormal Activity feature. Both of which will be coming to the service in time for Halloween.”

Very little is known about the seventh entry apart from it's being written by Christopher Landon (FREAKY, HAPPY DEATH DAY) and directed by William Eubank (director of the massively underrated UNDERWATER).

We have to add that no announcement has officially been made so it's hard to reach how UK audiences will view the film as there's often a divide across the pond between accessibility of streaming services however with a market here, time will tell.

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